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Channel 4 is a publicly-owned and commercially-funded UK Public Service Broadcaster, with a statutory remit to deliver high-quality, innovative, alternative content that challenges the status quo.  Channel 4 was set up with a unique model as a ‘publisher-broadcaster’, meaning that they do not have any in-house production, but instead commission content from production companies throughout the UK. Channel 4 is a self-sufficient business that reinvests all profits back into programmes, at zero cost to the taxpayer. A ‘Robin Hood’ model of cross-funding means programmes that make money pay for others that are key to delivering their remit but that are loss-making e.g. News and Current Affairs. Their twin goals as a content provider and business are to fulfil our remit and to be commercially self-sufficient.

In 2015 Channel 4 launched their new All 4 digital TV service – a unique digital hub bringing together 20 platforms for a more consistent user experience. Noticing an increase in digital content viewing on apps, by 24% in 2013 (Channel 4 Annual Report 2013), Channel 4 wanted their content to be accessible seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices, liberated by device technology and version compatibility.

At IBC 2015, All 4 was named Best TV Technology Platform or Service by the CSI Awards. The All 4 platform was built to reflect current consumer demand for greater flexibility, personalisation, and control over their viewing experience. Working together with Channel 4 to transform the online entertainment experience has been a fantastic experience and we are delighted that our work together has been recognised throughout the industry.

Case Studies

We continued our partnership with Piksel for All 4 because of their technical expertise in developing iOS applications and back-end services. Piksel helped us build the All 4 iOS app and a number of key services around a managed cloud framework so we can launch new features more rapidly. All 4 will deliver a more personalised range of content to our registered users

Charlotte Light, Head of Service Delivery


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