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We provide industry-leading cloud native products and services with strong domain expertise in the following sectors:

  • Media and broadcast
  • Telco and utilities
  • Public sector
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Technology start-ups

Piksel Group’s teams of over 500 software developers, QA engineers, software architects and infrastructure operators, provide clients cloud native solutions tailored to help scale their businesses efficiently and effectively.

Building value that lasts

Why Piksel Group?

We have been using our technology solutions and services to help household-name brands solve complex problems for more than 20 years, winning multiple awards in the process.

Our clients span multiple sectors, from retail and transportation to telecommunications, media and broadcast, public sector, and healthcare. We understand how to overcome the unique challenges these industries face, whether that is cloud migration, the unification of analogue and digital workflows, or the development, implementation and integration of new systems.

And we take a collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand with you from strategy to delivery to ensure you achieve your goals.


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The Piksel Family

Piksel has served the media and broadcast industries for over fifteen years, providing some of the biggest companies in the space with award-winning solutions and services. Our flagship product suite, Fuse, unifies analogue and digital workflows to create powerful, compelling new functionality, creating organisational efficiencies and enhancing the consumer experience.

Carelink has been providing secure network and hosting services to the UK pharmacy and healthcare market for over 20 years. Bringing extensive technical expertise and a future-focused mindset to the sector, Carelink fully supports and engages in the ongoing digital transformation of the NHS, acting as supplier, partner and strategist for many of our clients.

The Retail Cloud Team has over a decade of experience rapidly deploying cloud-based, business-critical systems for some of the sector’s biggest brands. And we work with partners like SAP Hybris and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide fully managed, secure, robust and scalable digital platforms, ensuring you can be successful in the hypercompetitive retail marketplace.


For more than ten years, Voyage teams have worked with major airports across Europe and other participants in the transportation industry to offer a portfolio of ready-to-use mobile solutions and digital applications to enhance airport services communication and maximize the promotion and purchase of ancillary airport products.

Digital Sense understands that each telco and utilities customer is unique, with their own individual expectations and needs. As an increasing number of telcos and utilities undergo ground-up digital transformation, creating experiences that are relevant and desirable to every end-user is critical. Digital Sense aims to deliver the most innovative experiences on the market, serving personalised content according to who the user is, where they are located and which device they are using.

Public sector organisations commonly face complex problems and are under constant pressure to deliver more services, more rapidly to their customers We work with our government and public sector clients to deliver innovative solutions, that achieve better outcomes and value, by leveraging Brainpower’s core capabilities around content management, self-care solutions , public cloud migrations and support solutions.

Foundry supports emerging businesses and innovative projects by providing expert professional services and managed services. Our teams develop and maintain specialist technical solutions based on emerging technologies, whilst delivering the upmost assurance around delivery and support. Working with our public cloud partners, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, Foundry provide cloud migration and cloud native software development services, enabling our clients to achieve rapid efficient deployment and rapid innovation.

Piksel Faith’s online video platform enables faith centres around the world to stream live or on-demand content to their followers, increasing their footprint and reach. Integrated donations tabs maximize audience engagement while our enterprise-grade analytics enable clients to best understand the who, when and where of the followers watching.

The Importance of Making TV Whole Again

The world of television is currently split into two halves - the ‘old’ and the ‘new’. On the ‘old’ side is the long established, predictable, financially dominant analogue/linear content delivery, which has been the dominant method of engaging with television since the 1930s. On the ‘new side’ is the upstart, the digital world, where almost any item of content can be delivered to any device at any time. This...

Making a Success of the New Digital World

  In the last few blogs we’ve discussed the changing nature of the video and broadcast landscape. We’ve discussed issues of digitization and automation, particularly how they pertain to workflow and operational effectiveness. We’ve also highlighted some of Piksel’s products and solutions aimed at addressing these concerns, particularly our Fuse suite of products. However, we are yet to discuss in much...

The Value of Workflow Automation

For as long as there has been a broadcast industry, the human hand has been involved in every step of its development and deployment. As the creeping influence of the digital world has exerted itself more and more in the last decade or so, the demands on the human hand have become more and more severe. Up until relatively recently, the digital video delivery had not been a primary concern compared to the broadcast audience,...